Intimate Portraits: Kodi


Glasses are sexy. Curves are sexy. Getting out of your comfort zone is incredibly sexy.

Kodi had been thinking of getting some intimate portraits for a while, and when we announced our Valentine's Minis at the beginning of the month, she jumped right in. She wanted to give her hubby quite the surprise, and oh boy, did she! Not because he doesn't know her, or her beauty, or her body. But because when you have a family and you run a business and you are a badass of a lady, it is so easy to put yourself last and to celebrate everybody around you before celebrating yourself.

If you are struggling to find the time, the confidence, the way to put yourself at the top of the priority list, take a look at these images that Kodi has graciously allowed us to share, and then grab a pencil and move your name all the way up there, above the diaper changing and the networking meeting for once: you deserve it.