And the winner is...

After much deliberation, we have chosen a winner for our "So You Know You can Dance" dance contest!

Meet Callie Bishop. Callie majored in dance in college and she is a local yoga instructor, but you may know her better as the current Miss Wyoming USA. She has a dazzling smile and a positive outlook in life that radiates in her gentle demeanor and her soft moves as she dances.

Because of her affiliation with the Miss USA organization, we have decided to push our campaign forward a couple of months so she can finish her reign and her schedule becomes more open. I am so excited about working with this courageous, graceful, full-hearted woman!

And if you participated and sent us a video, make sure to check your email for a discount so you can have your own session with us. Because everybody need to #existinphotos.

So You Know You Can Dance


Calling all dancers!

If you dance, whether you have experience, formal training, or neither, we want to hear from you. Lightfolly Portraits is looking for a dancer to lead our "So you know you can dance" campaign, launching this July. All ages and styles will be considered.

To participate, please go here and fill in the form with your information. Include a link to an up-to-30-second video of yourself doing what you know how to do. Because you know you can dance, right? Everybody can. Alternatively; send us an email to with your name, email address, phone number (use your guardian's info if you are a minor) and a brief note describing your relationship with dance: why you dance, what training you have, and why you'd like to be our campaign dancer. Include a link to your video.

The selected participant will get a complimentary photography session with us, digital images from his/her session, and a discount on future purchases. All participants will receive a discount to be used towards a future session. Applications will be accepted through June 17th.

Contact us with any questions, and share this post with any dancers who you think would like to participate. I can't wait to see you move that body of yours!


Mother & Daughter: Jiji & Nina

She is your daughter. The adorable girl that makes you wake up at night over and over as she gets used to her big-girl bed. The one who makes you laugh as she tries to learn to count to 10. The one who drives you crazy as you try to let her grow up.

So one day you are dancing and twirling, her silk yellow dress flowing in the sun, the flower on her hair so imposing, and you would like to freeze that moment forever. Her laughter. Your earrings, which she borrowed, dangling from her ears. The way she looks up at you in your arms. And that's why we do this. So we can make images that you will treasure forever and which one day, when she moves out, she can take with her to treasure herself too.

Just as International Women's Day begins, we share one of Lightfolly's most enjoyed sessions.

Personal Branding: Nicki

Sometimes you just want to put on a fluffy tulle skirt and dance around. Other times, you want to lay on the ground and brush up the yoga poses you've been perfecting for years. How wonderful would it be if you could capture the whole thing on images to promote yourself and what you passionately do for a living? Welcome a new kind of head shot... plus some fun images!

Nicki is a student, bartender, dancer and yogini. Her hands just flow as she dances on pointe. Her body twists and her muscles tighten as she stretches on the most impossible poses on the mat. She is playful and confident, and makes you want to jump right in as you watch her practice. I almost put down the camera and got a tulle skirt myself. But these were too perfect to pass up; I didn't want to miss a single moment of her magic.

Learn more about how you can too have a Personal Branding session with us, no matter how unconventional your profession.