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Welcome, 2018. Such a brand new notebook, comprised entirely of blank pages for us to fill.

Lightfolly has so much in store for this year. First and foremost, we have a new studio space! Starting February 1st we'll be shooting at our renovated space inside the historical Laramie Plains Civic Center. A space of over 500 square feet has been renovated just for us, and as we work on the finishing touches we can't wait to share it with all of you! Prepare yourself for an open house sometime in February/March.

We are going to photograph dancers all. year. long. Because, you know, it's beauty, fun, grace, power, and art all in one! So if you are a dancer or know of a dancer who would want her portrait taken, send them our way!

We will have a specials this year, and our quarterly headshots marathons are on. We will be once more participating of the Pop-up Art Gallery in September, and of Small Business Saturday in November, both in downtown Laramie. You can sign up for our newsletter on our website (Samira writes them, one page long, and send them once a month), if you want to stay tuned about promotions and model calls.

We are also going to continue offering our cards and prints line (check out the shop section of our website), bringing fresh designs twice a year. They are perfect to send yourself or gift to a powerful woman in your life.

So, I don't know you, but we are thrilled and excited for what's coming in the next 12 months. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, and help us continue to create beautiful images! Like the ones below, which are my three favorite images of 2017. And happy blank page writing!


Featuring: Rachel LeBeau from Heart

Photo by Megan Lee Photo

Photo by Megan Lee Photo

Name: Rachel LeBeau

Company name: Heart

What they do: Empower women to love themselves (and their lives) more.

Website: https://www.aheartledlife.com/


You may know Rachel from Embellish, the wedding planning company in town which she used to co-own. She started Embellish with her best friend Emily in 2010, when they were both looking for creative fulfillment. In 2014, Rachel’s son was diagnosed with heart disease soon after his birth. The hardships of the initial period that followed the diagnosis opened her eyes to what she wanted for her life: less hiding, more loving, and living on purpose. And that’s when an idea that had been in the back of her mind for a long time took front stage: to start a magazine for women where things were real.

Photo by Heart

Photo by Heart

At the very end of 2015, Rachel and Emily sold Embellish to one of their employees, and that opened the door for Rachel to develop Heart, a compilation of stories by women with something to say. As she started to prepare Volume II, Rachel realized that the project was more than what one person could do, so she decided to find another, more tangible way to show up for women in the community. Heart is now focused on providing tools and coaching experiences to help women take action on the things that matter to them. The brand name is now “A Heart-led Life”, which symbolizes everything Rachel hopes to continue to do, now in a more concrete way: encourage women to live with their hearts in mind, do things that matter to them, love big, and allow themselves time for what they really, truly need.

Rachel and Jessica Romero connected last fall, when the company was in need of some help with marketing. Through their collaboration they realized that their dreams were very similar, so they jumped in and started getting their hands dirty. First, a Facebook women’s group was started, as a place where women can support each other. Fast forward to February 2017, and they have now launched a workbook and course called “Know Your Heart”, that will help women get to know themselves better. It is a 50-page guidebook (you can choose from digital or print) that helps women understand how to use what they already have, by digging deep into what’s stopping them from realizing their dreams and aspirations. There is also an accompanying course to really help them use that to move forward. This is what Rachel has to say about the project: “ We believe it's super important to unearth what really matters to you. From there, decisions are a lot easier. Doing what you want with your life is easier.”

Photo by Heart

Photo by Heart

Sounds like exactly what you need? You are still in time, the course starts March 1st! Head to their website to find the guides, their blog, and heartfelt notes from Rachel and Jessica. https://www.aheartledlife.com/