Intimate Portraits: Erin


I am at the threshold of my 40s. Every new decade seems so promising to me; I rarely struggle with the transition but rather look forward to the possibilities. And that is how Erin is facing her 40s. She has two daughters, a red-furred dog, a quaint little house in the tree area, and she decided it was time to exist in photos and unveil her beauty.

I always delight in women who just are. She was wrapped in white cotton, quietly laying on the mattress while I tested for light, and she would look up at me and blink a couple of times as I gave her directions, then she would pause and smile. "Relax your mouth" I'd say, and she would just be, she would simply exist for that second, crystallized by my lens with the light on her hair, and I could not contain my own smile as I looked at the back of the camera and saw her being, her eyes smiling back at me.

Be like Erin; come celebrate your entry into the 40s with us!