So You Know You Can Dance


Calling all dancers!

If you dance, whether you have experience, formal training, or neither, we want to hear from you. Lightfolly Portraits is looking for a dancer to lead our "So you know you can dance" campaign, launching this July. All ages and styles will be considered.

To participate, please go here and fill in the form with your information. Include a link to an up-to-30-second video of yourself doing what you know how to do. Because you know you can dance, right? Everybody can. Alternatively; send us an email to with your name, email address, phone number (use your guardian's info if you are a minor) and a brief note describing your relationship with dance: why you dance, what training you have, and why you'd like to be our campaign dancer. Include a link to your video.

The selected participant will get a complimentary photography session with us, digital images from his/her session, and a discount on future purchases. All participants will receive a discount to be used towards a future session. Applications will be accepted through June 17th.

Contact us with any questions, and share this post with any dancers who you think would like to participate. I can't wait to see you move that body of yours!