Head Shots Marathon


Our Head Shots Marathon is coming to you Tuesday, April 24th, and we couldn't be more excited! Get all the beauty of our Personal Branding sessions, for almost half the price.

How does it work? Choose a time from 11:15 am to 2:30 pm and call us (307-703-8118) or contact us to book a slot. The first 45 minutes our stylists will do your hair and makeup to enhance that look of the boss you are. For the next 45 minutes I'll direct you in front of my lens, and we'll get that confident inner you to shine through. Each Personal Branding mini session is $247 and it includes a consultation soirĂ©e, the hair styling and makeup artistry, 2 retouched digital images of your choice, and a $100 credit towards additional purchases. Which means: bring your little black dress ladies, because there will be time at the end of your Head Shot shoot to get that piece for your mantle, and you will want it!

These sessions are for you, who hate that image of yourself that uncle Bob took and you are currently using on your website. For you, who are ready for invest in your new company but don't want to break the bank because you are just starting. For you, who has been trying to decide between a Personal Branding session and a Contemporary Portrait of yourself. Call us today and book your slot for April 24th, and get your brand to the next level. You deserve it.