How to: 5 Spring Wardrobe Tips

Believe it or not, it's that time of the year again when you start dreaming of longer days and warmer activities. A little bit more than a month until spring. And although you still need a thick coat and gloves to venture outside, I know you are already dreaming of stripping it all and give way to tank tops, skirts, and sandals.

Last year I wrote a pretty extensive tutorial on how to revamp your wardrobe and come up with a closet you love for spring, so you could be ready when those sales hit the internet. I hope you followed it and got to enjoy it last spring, and if not, that you will take a day for yourself to get it done this year. Because I am about to give you 5 tips to add to the fabulous wardrobe you already (or are about to) have!

Maybe it is still a bit chilly for skirts, so what to do when you are a bit tired of those jeans, khakis, and cords you've been wearing all winter long? This may be the year for a bit more adventure with your bottoms. Have you heard of "culottes"? They are cropped pants with legs so wide that when standing with your feet together it looks like you have a skirt on! How about "gauchos"? Those loose, mid-calf pants that are as comfortable as yoga pants but a lot more stylish and sophisticated. Find what works for you and upgrade your 2016 wardrobe with one purchase.


What about getting some pieces that may be too summery to wear just yet, but that can be used now with the right complementary pieces? I am envisioning a one-piece swimsuit (I just recently discovered the beauty of this overlooked summer essential!) in my wardrobe, which I will wear with a pair of palazzos (or even the gauchos I'll be getting to upgrade my bottoms). Yes, it will need another layer in Wyoming, but that's allowed (see #3). Another similar alternative would be a minidress that you'll get to wear by itself in the summer months, but that you can get away with wearing as a long top/tunic with either leggings or jeans underneath.


I just bought 4 spring blouses that I can't wait to have a chance to wear on their own. The tricky bit is, they are sleeveless, and that will not go well for a while given our seasons. Or lack thereof. The way I go about circumventing this little issue is by layering. I say goodbye to my winter sweaters and instead I add a chambray half way open and an unbuttoned cardigan over that. A skinny belt keeps the whole ensemble together. Yes, sometimes I need a parka over all that, but when I get to wherever I'm going I can take it off and I am left with a beautifully put together layered look that it's a million light years from those boring sweaters. And if it warms up half-way through the day, like it has lately, I'm covered.


If you are not getting new pieces this spring, don't despair: there is still plenty you can do to uplift your wardrobe, and this tip is one I personally am thankful for every spring: don't forget the jewelry! When the weather starts warming up I transition pretty quickly into shedding layers and showing some skin. However, I seem to have a harder time EVERY YEAR with getting earings and rings back on. I am an avid scarf wearer, which means that it is tricky to rock a necklace in the winter months, and gloves do their part against rings and bracelets. But once they are back in the storage bins, I have to remind myself that I already own plenty of bling to bring back out, it's just a matter of remembering it's there.


Last but not least, there are the trends. Every year, the powers of fashion dictate what's in and what's out, and if you are like me you couldn't care less what they think when planning your wardrobe. However, they are impossible to miss, even in a place like Laramie, when the people who do follow the academy awards and other events start wearing those trends, perhaps without even knowing they are trending. So do you want in? And maybe don't think you can afford it, or you have no idea where to start? Here are 5 trends for this spring that you can jump right on shopping virtually anywhere, including the local thrift store which we know has vintage aplenty: One shoulder tops, specially blouses and dresses; oversized bags, for the farmer's market and a night out in the town; oversized earrings, which I'm sure you already own!; iridescence, specially sequins and specially shades like pink and blue; vibrant stripes, preferably broad and on knit dresses.

And that's all I have for you. Go raid your own closet and get ready for the warmer days that are to come!